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It is important that you don’t just know how to use your Apple Mac or PC product, but know how to get the best out of it. I  provide Apple Mac and PC training on anything from IOS (the operating system running on iPad’s, iPods and iPhones to OSX (the operating system running on iMac and MacBooks) and Microsoft Windows


Apple iPhoto

The OSX training for example helps you do things like create stunning Photobooks in iPhoto or just manage your photo library. Getting al those photos you take in one place where you can enjoy them and use them properly!

It's easy to make memories even more memorable.

It’s easy to make memories even more memorable.

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iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad has revolutionised the way we work with and enjoy our technology.iphone-ipad

Unfortunately I find many customers that have been either given one of these wonderful devices  or treated themselves to one and yet they hardly use it to its full potential. Enriching their lives with the ability to connect with family and friends. Passing the time by with fin games like crosswords or mind bending puzzles to keep the mind fresh. a Tool in the kitchen for conversation, recipes and so much more!

If you have a Mac and an iPhone for example you can go out take photos to your heart’s content and by the time you get home, if set up correctly, you photos will already be downloaded onto your Mac. Ready for sharing and enjoying.

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