Keep your data backed up !Data Backup

I meet so customers that have me do a little job on their computer and then when I happen to check their backup, nothing is set-up!

Then also there are the customer who come to me with a dying hard drive and then it is in most cases too late to save their work as they did not have a backup set-up either!

Please do not be caught out by this, get in touch and let me make sure you have a backup set-up on your devices and show you how to check if it is running or not.

Sometimes it could even stop working and leave you none the wiser!


A Bit More Detail

It does not matter whether you have a PC, a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad or any other device for that matter, they can all be backed up!

Below is a brief overview of each platforms backup options, in case you are interested


Apple Mac OSX Time MachineMac Backup – “My favourite backup system out there”

The Time machine feature on all Mac computers ! Absolute brilliant ! It One of the best and most underrated features of OSX is Time Machine, which provides users with the ability to back up their entire Mac system at regular intervals, automatically.  

The unobtrusive software runs in the background until you need it, at which point you enter the rather cool interface, extract what you need and restore it to your current system.  Should your Mac suffer a hard drive failure, or perhaps if you buy a new Mac, Time Machine, in these cases, can be a great help.  First of all, if you lose data or accidentally delete it, you can easily recover it from your last Time Machine backup

However, and perhaps more important for people upgrading or replacing their Mac, is that Time Machine can back up your entire system, every file, every program, every setting, on to an external hard drive which can then be used to create a clone of your previous system on your new Mac!

iOS Apple iPhone iPad iCloud Backup

iPhone and iPad backup

Again, so many people come to me to have a look at their iPhone or iPad and once I have sorted their issue I also have a quick glance ant the state of their backups and to my surprise many of these devices do not have it enabled. So if they were to be stolen, lost or damaged the data, music, messages and priceless photos are all gone !

Get in touch to ensure your precious mobile data is backed up! it all happens automatically, like overnight when you plug in your phone to charge! But as always it is important that you know how to check it sometime for peace of mind

Windows Backup


Windows PC and Laptop Backup

On Windows to it is very quick and easy to set up a backup.

You simply need a separate hard drive. I would suggest a USB Drive. You just plug it in and away it goes! For a PC it can be left plugged in all the time and it will backup on a schedule of your choice.

On Laptops however i would suggest a smaller 2.5 inch hard drive that you could plug in once a week or so and tell the PC to back up.

Windows has now matured very nicely and With Windows 10 you get an even better Windows Backup system. It is very similar to a Mac time machine backup yet nowhere near as sophisticated.

Windows File History Backup

Windows File History Backup Feature

With Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 you get a welcome new feature called Windows File History Backup. What is does is it takes a full backup of all your files. Then, once done, it sits in the background and looks for any changes or deletion and records them chronically. This allows you o recover a Word document in the state it was in an hour ago, a week or month ago. Maybe you deleted a file and realise you actually need it, or accidentally and don’t realise it is missing until week later.

Just dive in to File History and look back in time to when it was still on your computer and drag and drop it back. Easy, simple and quick !