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by Abhishek Hanotiya on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
Very helpul and good Teacher

Very helpful and a good teacher. Cathren, helped me to fix issues with Windows and introduced me to WordPress, and now I am able to create my own blog in no time.!! Thank you, Cathren. All the best!!

iMac Support

Worth her weight in gold! Cathren came to help me at home after i bought a new iMac and having been a Windows user for 30 years it was all very new to me. She carefully and slowly explained the basics first. She recorded everything on the computer using something called a Screencast and so i could watch the videos later to remind myself. A week later she contacted me to see if i am ready to learn a few more things which thanks to her videos i certainly was!. She introduced me to iPhoto and iCloud which now means i can create beautiful cards and photo books using the photos i take when i am on holiday, with my iPhone, all automatically appearing on my iMac in iPhoto, like magic!

Thanks John ! How kind of you. Take some more time and in another few weeks i suggest we do another session to look at some more things the Mac can do for you !
Regards, Cathren

Cathren is a lovely polite girl with great expertise and understanding of the problem.

Cathren is a lovely polite girl with great expertise and understanding of the problem......I must send her a bunch of flowers x

Thank you Cathren

Thank you Cathren -really helpful and I'm using my iPad now regularly. However,but I'd be grateful if you could sort my signatures out! I've made 6 in total but deleted the content of no.2, however the other lines don't re-adjust down to 5 options. There's no 'save' that I could see anywhere for editing changes. Many thanks! I hope your new home is settling down well - we may have an upstairs loo today, if the builder's promise comes true and I've found some Dutch tiles for the dado in there so am getting excited (sad really!) Sally PS You've spelt 'tutorial' with an extra r !!

Thank you again, I think you are an ACE computer trouble shooter.

Dear Cathren    I would like to thank you for your help yesterday and say how much I appreciate your skill and patience together with your knowledge of both my computer systems.  That is the Apple Mac and our old computer using Windows 7.     Having just been connected to BT Infinity and suffering  a connection problem I, of course, contacted BT Help line to sort the glitch.  I spent over an hour on the telephone with a BT engineer until I was told to get someone local, presumably another BT engineer to visit and sort the connection out.     Remembering how you brought my Mac and its operating system back to life the last time, I asked for you to visit again.  However, you called me on the telephone and within twenty minutes you had identified the problem and instructed me step by step how to fix the problem.   Thank you again, I think you are an ACE computer trouble shooter.    David Holt

Thanks for putting her on the task!

Just thought I would give you some feedback on Cathren. In short she has been great. She has worked away at a number of issues on both email and calendars, trying options, keeping me updated and being really creative to get the accounts, their calendars and the devices all working seamlessly together. It has felt tricky at times but she has always been patient and positive and I think we have now cracked it!  Thanks for putting her on the task!  Trevor

You transferred Data from my iPad 2 to my iPad 4

Dear Cathren .   A few lines to thank you for the Competent manner in which you transferred  Data from my iPad 2 to my  iPad 4.  There were   A tricky glitches to rectify which achieved in  a cool skillful way!  All info you Inparted to me was in a way I understood! As you know I'm 85 and my brain isn't as receptive as it was.    Vivian Tayler 

Lovely Lady, very patient, very helpful !

Cathren was very patient and helpful, didn't rush me out of the door and made sure that I knew how to work my system properly before I left. Very nice manner, and I would highly reccomend her to everyone. Thank you very much Cathren for all your patience and kindness. Lovely lady.

New MacBook Air - Thanks Cathren

“Cathren has helped me brilliantly as I began using my new MacBook Air, and with wireless connections to the printer and a network extension.  I’m not a natural techie, and can feel very stressed when face with computer issues I just don’t know how to fix, or questions in dialogue boxes that I don’t know how to answer. Cathren has been unfailingly supportive and patient, and it has been a great relief to have the benefit of her expert help.  Thank you!” Ella C

by Carina Martin - Freelance Senior Copywriter & Screenwriter on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
Thanks - MacBook Pro help that was in a pretty sorry state

I took my MacBook Pro to Cathren at Computer Assistance in a pretty sorry state. It was getting old, tired and extremely stroppy. It crashed frequently and its prognosis didn't look good. Before I had time to safely transfer all its data it gave up altogether. This could have been a career disaster but I was extremely impressed by CA's determination to get to the root of the problem. It was far from straightforward but they didn't give up. We had a random and unexpected set back after I picked it up the first time but CA refused to admit defeat. Their perseverance, goodwill and downright stubbornness was impressive and I'm delighted to say I now have a fully working, and much improved Mac. Thank you Vivian and Cathren for your tenacity and teamwork.    Carina Martin   Freelance Senior Copywriter & Screenwriter

by Peter - Product Development Manager - Berinsfield on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
New Windows 2012 Server

Dear Cathren. Thank you for your reply below. Much appreciated. Your hand over to the new Windows server and the service we have had from your team you work with at Computer Assistance  has been brilliant to date as everything has run smoothly and emails requesting new software have been chased up promptly too !! Peter

by Felicity - Oxford - Summertown on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
I feel I am reconnected to the world!

Hello Cathren  I feel I am reconnected to the world! Everything seems to be going well on my new laptop, thanks to you. I really do appreciate all the extra work you put into the last difficult week for me.  I have paid the £90 extra online earlier this afternoon, having received an invoice from CA today.  I know there were a couple of small queries to clarify, in due course, (eg how to get my signature on the bottom of all emails) but these are minor, so no need to sit up late for another night at least not on my account.  Thank you so much for driving over here on two occasions, especially as you hit bad traffic the second time.  With best wishes,  Felicity

It was a very therapeutic experience

Dear Cathren,  This is just to thank you, very much indeed,  for all your help over the past few days.  The iMac looks as though it is up and running very well, with  a few adjustments.  And I'm getting most of the folders to be where I want them to be.  The the trash had to work hard for a couple of hours, and now there's lots more room on the disk.  There is a folder on the dock, which is an iTunes folder with a series of numbers after it :  I assume that I can trash it, if it is nothing to do with the iTunes folder in the music section of the finder?  But the main point is to thank you for your great skill and your great patience, and your calm as we tried to get some of the problems solved.  It was a very therapeutic experience, - I'm sure you'd be a great  counsellor!  I'll send you something that I have written, (on another computer, and published) - not very exciting and a small book.  But the main point of this message is to ask you whether you like wine, as I would like to send you a bottle from my cellar, in very sincere thanks.  If this not want you want, of course I can think of something else!      Very best wishes  Chris

by Margaret Norden on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
Recent lesson with Cathren.

Cathren  came to my home recently to teach me about my new  Windows 7. I found her teaching very rewarding. She is a born teacher-does not just tell you  a a fact and expect  you  to remember it from a hasty scribbled note. This method does not work!  She explains essential skills very clearly and demonstrates them.Then you  carry out the same proceedure more than once on the keyboard.  This method is successful! She is patient and very thorough. Cathren even found time to reset a Password on my I Tunes so that the music on my I pod in the Docking Station  emerged from a deeply regretted silence [regretted by me] and has been playing happily ever since whenever I want it to.  I am so looking forward to another lesson  soon.  Thank you Cathren.    You have the gift of  making the mysteries clear and understandable.

Thank you Margaret, you are too kind. It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to help bring back the music to your evenings !!

New Laptop Help

Cathren,   Michael and I are SO glad that we were introduced to you after we took delivery of our new laptop; being total innocents when it comes to things technical we were rather bewildered by and annoyed with the fact that the new machine did not appear to work at all well - and we could not even access our email address book.  But my subsequent visit to you, when you gently and painstakingly went through everything, sorted things out, simplified matters and explained various programmes was a visit worth its weight in gold.   You were patient and more than helpful once again when we had to ask for your assistance re our non-working email; it took you a little while to get a new address up and running but we did get there and I am touching wood hard as I type that it now appears fault-free.  I have had other occasions to call you over points I don't understand or over programmes  I do not know how to make work and each time ,although you may have sighed inwardly over this idiot who keeps asking somewhat stupid questions, you have been unfailingly cheerful, polite and helpful.  So thank you, I am sure I will be bothering you again before too long!   Yours,   Liza Clifton

New laptop and moved data from my old laptop to my new laptop.

Cathren set up my new laptop and moved data from my old laptop to my new laptop. The transfer and set up seemed to work very smoothly and efficiently and I have not had any problems subsequently.  Thanks - Rosemary

Thank you Rosemary, happy it all went so well, Hope you had a lovely Easter ! Cathren

by Revd. Joanna Coney on Cathren - IT Technician & Tutor
Computer Help

Dear Cathren    I am delighted to give you a testimonial !!!!!!!!!  Throughout you have been courteous and interested, and keen to do the best for me.  Everything has been done within the schedule and time-scale agreed.  Your understanding of things I was struggling with as been immediate every time, and your instructions and help have been consistently very clear and easy to follow.  Everything I have needed to understand you have explained and made easy for me, and you have laid out all I need, in terms of short cuts etc, and you made sure that everything moved across from my old machine has been set up in the same way on the new one.   And your ‘after care’ too has been caring and really helpful.   I cannot rate you too highly   So thank you. And I feel I have maybe made a friend too!   Revd. Joanna Coney   Oxford

Perseverance - Mac Hard drive Replacement with full data transfer and General Apple training

The Mac seems to be working well, as far as I can tell ?  I am taking it step by step , learning a little more each day.  Many thanks Cathren for your patience and  excellent tuition . Regards   Geoffrey.